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2016 pinot noir - VDK

La Pitchoune

2016 pinot noir - VDK

Sonoma Mountain


VDK represents the pinnacle of our extended-barrel aged Pinot Noir. Sourced from the very best barrels of Van Der Kamp vineyard, this wine spends 30 months in the finest Burgundian oak barrels. Like all La Pitchoune wines, we pride ourselves with creating exceptional balance between the grapes, the soil, the vineyard location, and the barrels. VDK doesn't disappoint, and turns it up to 11. This wine is for those who truly understand the concept of old-world, balanced wines that will only get better with even more bottle-aging.

Deep purple in color, the 2016 Pinot Noir VDK bounds from the glass with fragrant pomegranate, wild strawberry-rhubarb, blackberry leaves and a hint of rosehip, allspice and supple button-trumpet mushrooms. Medium-bodied with silky elegance and a side of grace, the palate is filled with fragrant red fruit layers and a calming, yet sophisticated texture, finishing with a welcoming energy that awakens your palate only to be soothed by a distinct minerality.

This is the brother to our Van der Kamp Vineyard bottling and represents the confluence of our experimental nature and passion for tradition. The wine in these two bottles comes from the same source, but each has taken a different path and not surprising, each has developed its own individual character.

It is our recommendation to open this wine along side our Van der Kamp Vineyard bottling to experience the difference in aging technique for yourself.