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2021 vin gris of pinot noir

La Pitchoune

2021 vin gris of pinot noir

Sonoma Coast


Our 2021 rosé is here and it's a GOOD ONE!  A bright, pale-pink delight with certified fresh aromas that remind us of a new bag of unwrapped watermelon jolly ranchers just picked up from the five and dime.

On the palate: ripe strawberries, watermelon and stone fruit will give you pause, and make you sit straight up in your Adirondack chair. A lasting finish, driven by a salty, ocean breeze that will make you salivate and keep you going to your glass for another sip.  

It's also bocce season - show the other team how it's done with a glass of this in one hand and a winning throw in the other.  Serve chilled.