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Get your tickets to our fall harvest party

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Come celebrate the 2019 harvest with us at van der Kamp Vineyard

Join us on October 5th!

Saturday, October 5th
2pm - 5pm
van der Kamp Vineyard

Stop by for a glass and say hello, take in the beautiful sights of Sonoma Mountain, and see how high you can get on the swing! We will be pouring several of our wines that you know and love, and even a few new ones to keep you guessing. We will also have a few small bites.  

Le Club members: You will have the opportunity to pick up your fall shipment. And DON'T FORGET to bring your keychain! Why you ask? You know why.

Tickets are just $24 and that includes a bottle of our 2017 Chenin Blanc.

Bring a friend, have some wine and come have some fun with us!