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Andrew's notes on the 2013 vintage...

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Above, Chardonnay awaits harvest in August, 2013

"The 2013 vintage, was the second year in what is now a 4 year drought, was fairly uneventful with the exception of a rain shower in the middle of June. The timing of the rain occurred when the vines were starting to stop vegetative growth and focus their energy on ripening the large crop that set. Multiple thinning passes were made to obtain the desired crop load and remove any botrytis infected clusters. Because of this attention to detail the yields were much lower than they were in 2012, though still larger than normal.

The sun came out in July and we had optimum growing conditions through harvest, warm days and cool nights. We had the fortunate opportunity to work with some new vineyards; which we will discuss later. Some consider the 2013 vintage to be “classic”, the wines are exceptional and provided us a vintage to fairly evaluate these new vineyards we foresee becoming cornerstones for the brand. At this point the wines show great structure and focus. As you become familiar with these wines you will learn the characteristics of each vineyard and expect it to be a distinctive quality of our wines."