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Magnums released for the holidays!

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Magnums released for the holidays!

BIG news!

If you are like us, you haven't had much need for magnums so far this year. We ourselves went through a lot of 750s in March and April and tried finding good 375s come May so we could drink while still on Zoom calls. And now, due to recent events, we are out of sparkling wine! Sure we busted out some magnums at a few socially-distanced beach excursions over the summer, but really, we haven't had a chance to go big this year.

So, we are releasing some big things to get you through the holidays!

Normally, we sell out of our magnums of rosé and our magnums of our super secret "Choix de Merde" Pinot Noir (Andrew's personal blend) at our Key Party events. But not having those events in 2020 left us with a few of each of these that we are releasing to you.

Honestly, these are perfect for the holidays and we'd be honored to have our wine at your holiday table.

Carol is standing by to take your order: drop her a line here.  Or you can order online!

Cheers to getting some time to relax over the holidays. We all need it.